RentCo Africa


Better HR Management for more success with HR Station

RentCo Africa Limited is an independent firm based in Africa that provides fast, flexible and customised asset financing, dedicated logistics and insurance solutions to both private and public sectors across Africa. They are one of the leading providers of innovative asset leasing solutions in energy, oils & gas, hospitality, healthcare, manufacturing, aviation and retail sectors in the region.


RentCo Africa availed Zealous System’s custom made HR Station in the year 2019 as they were in search of a management tool that enabled easy management and encouraged better performance from its team.


The HR station project with RentCo took around 2021 to finalise and in the following 2 months year until today, RentCo has been using it for its HR management.


RentCo Africa Limited

Estd Date



60+ Nos


Financial Services Group


headquartered in Nairobi, Kenya

  • To manage the team better
  • Maintain records of team performance
  • Connect with team easily
Why HR Station
  • Very simple and easy to use
  • Accessible to all employees.
  • Convenient mobile app allows all the employees to seek service, check the updates on the go.
Value-Driven Results After
  • Employees quickly adjusted to it due to its simple to use features
  • Increased team communications and productivity
  • Provided assistance in developing strategies for HR management