Application Development

At Zealous Systems, you can be assured to get a well-designed, high standard and advanced application developed to cater to your business’s needs and desires. Apart from developing your app of need, our diverse team of IT professionals also provide consultation and maintenance services.

What We Offer ?

Custom Software Development

To meet your business’s requirements, we build custom software development that caters high quality performance and advanced functionality.

Product Software Development

Be reassured in getting a secure, robust, and productive product-based software development that audiences can witness and appreciate easily.

Migration and Integration

All the required migrations and integrations for your business with more enhanced and dynamic features are developed for the clients.


Our highly trained developers build efficient software for business automation that results in smooth operations and increased productivity

internet learning

We create the most credible solutions for enterprise applications which allows the firms to find eaiser solutions with enhanced security and functions.

Why Us?

Sincere, experienced and dedicated team

Use of latest & flexible Agile development model

UI/UX expertise, building user friendly applications

Quality standards & adherence to best coding guidelines

Proper use of patterns on frontend, unified code style for JavaScript, clean code and APIs

Supple engagement models – fixed cost, part-time hiring, full-time hiring, etc.

QA, Presentation, load & stress testing before delivery

Scalable infrastructure support for your business necessities

Use of Version Control Systems to manage, document changes to source code over time.

What Makes us Different?

The website planning stage also involves determining key performance goals. Budgeted costs, project deadlines, and page speed are some of the website design and advance goals that are set at this stage.

Agile Process

Our team is dedicated in delivering a tried-and-true agile process custom-made for your business requirements that includes flexible planning, customer involvement, risk management, evaluation.

Code Standard

Only the most ethical and credible code style guidelines and best practices around source code workflows are established and maintained across all teams while developing the application till its delivery.


Each phase of the application development process is evaluated through a rigorous internal quality assessment (QA) process to ensure the highest quality product and customer satisfaction.

On Time Delivery

Our sincere team of developers have a credible reputation on meeting timelines through set and systematic processes that help mitigate work risks and maximize efficiency throughout the project.

Project Planning

Project planning refers to defining goals and objectives of the overall web development project. This is the most important stage in the entire project. It is further divided into the following five parts.

Requirement Assessment

Requirement assessment refers to finding out precise business requirements, which include shaping application goals, complete features, target audience, and other information about the applications.

Project Summary

Project summary sums up the website's requirements. It serves as a reference point throughout the web development process & the document is typically concise.

Determining Required Resources

The software and other resource requirements for the website project are defined and the needs of 3rd party media are identified to be added the budget during the project planning stage.

Key Performance Goals

The website planning stage also involves determining key performance goals. Budgeted costs, project deadlines, and page speed are some of the website design and advance goals that are set at this stage.

Competitor Analysis

A thorough competitor analysis is conducted at the final stages where other elements of the application such as visual branding, call to action, navigation, and layout are reviewed and finalised.

Our Process

Requirements Gathering

Design and Development

Testing and Deployment

Maintenance Support