Who We Are?​​

Zealous (zeal· ous | /ˈzɛləs/)  

The adjective for the noun zeal, meaning, a trait of great energy or enthusiasm in pursuit of a cause or an objective.

Thriving to be the best IT companies, Zealous Systems is an IT company primarily based in Thimphu, Bhutan that connects people and businesses to the digital world by providing impactful technology leadership.

From strategy consulting to complete implementation, Zealous Systems has been delivering unique business-oriented solutions, tackling the toughest challenges that our clients face and helping them compete successfully in the ever-changing IT marketplace.

We’re here to help you become more with our ever-so-zealous team!

The Journey

2012 was the year that Zealous Systems officially kicked off from a noble idea and a desire to curb the growing number of Bhutanese companies outsourcing IT implementation projects to regional consultancies out of Bhutan. The plan was simple: To build a good and credible team of Bhutanese professionals that could take over the work once outsourced and help our Bhutanese businesses. The journey to success, on the other hand, required time and smart work.

Bhutan was relatively new to the IT world and digital systems were not common. Hence, Zealous Systems had to constantly evolve, adapt and upgrade its strategies to meet and convince the Bhutanese clients. Major emphasis was given in developing tailored digital solutions. In the years to come, Zealous Systems would have been able to establish its credibility and importance in the market.

Additionally, after seeing the relevance and demand of SAP regionally, Zealous Systems partnered with SAP as the first and only SAP business partner in Bhutan in 2018. The biggest investment Tashi Tobgay, Founder and CEO, put was in the talent pool. Under his leadership, the company invested and continues to invest a lot in building the capacity of our Bhutanese team of engineers and consultants. In 2022, Zealous has become an SAP Gold Business Partner.

Accordingly, the company has now successfully grown and expanded into two offices located in Bhutan and Bangladesh, and now extends its services to businesses internationally. The future for Zealous Systems is grand and guaranteed. Helping more businesses digitize their work and ease their back-office automation processes through a reliable team of dedicated Bhutanese professionals.

Our Mission

 To deliver personalized care and attention every step of the way. Zealous’ mission is guided by the “Customer First” philosophy, investing in long-term relationships with customers, business partners, and employees. The primary purpose is to help our customers achieve their goals and objectives. ​

Our Vision

To be the IT industry's premier service and solution provider. To effectively manage and exceed the quality expectations of our customers’ requirements through integrated innovative strategies, technical excellence, and continuous improvement and enhancements based on the client’s feedback.

Leadership in Action

Zealous family displays fearless loyalty to doing what’s important to make it top IT company for the organization and its customers. Humble in our approach, yet we inspire and motivate one another through actions.

Accessible, Honest and Innovative

Built to Scale & Soar

Growing a Digitization Dream Team

Working and Winning together

Comprehensive Analytical Solutions

Attention to Details

A Commitment to Learning

An Aptitude for Math

Our Team

Apart from sharing the same zeal to provide the best to our customers, our A team is made up of a diverse group of versatile people with flourishing qualifications & expertise in the tech, business, finance & marketing fields. And the teams are led by the following incredible leaders:


Tashi Tobgay

Founder and CEO ​

As a digital transformation expert and a serial entrepreneur with over 15 years of experience in business leadership, Tobgay has a natural talent and passion for solving complex challenges. He pursued his higher education in Computer Science & Engineering from Anna University in India. Apart from founding Zealous Systems, Tobgay has also launched several other successful software products, accumulated extensive IT Infrastructure and network experiences and even built a complete system architecture from the ground up to meet specific client requirements.

Tobgay’s industry knowledge of more than a decade has made him a great leader whose strategic guidance has provided a strong foundation for the entire team.



Director, Applications

With an educational background in Financial Management and several years of prior working experience as the functional lead for SAP and ERP solutions, Dorji brings credibility and proficiency onboard. In addition to that, his core values of drive, integrity, and mindfulness are evident in his work as he leads clients on a transformational journey to perform better and achieve more. As one of the senior Directors, Dorji has been supervising a big group of young professionals and leading the Application sector of business whereby his passion for productivity and a data-driven approach to problem-solving have proven to be key strengths for the team.

Nima Chogyal

Director, Infrastructure

Chogyal joined Zealous Systems under the infra division as a network engineer after studying Civil Engineering. He eventually got promoted to the position of Director of Infrastructure due to his tenacious and enthusiastic working ethics. Chogyal leads the team that manages the configuration and installment of products and services for businesses of different magnitudes while also overlooking the customer support department.

He believes in the quote “What we know is a drop, what we don’t know is an Ocean”. And accordingly, during his time in Zealous Systems, he has continued to educate and enhance his knowledge and skills by taking advanced courses and workshops of relevance.