Do you want to bring your commerce business online in the most easy, reasonable and effective way?
Then join is a revolutionary e-commerce platform managed by Zealous Systems Pvt. Ltd. that aims to support the Bhutanese consumer market by efficiently connecting local vendors to customers through our innovative multivendor marketplace.

Extensible Ecommerce Platform

Advanced solution capable of handling ongoing business demands and scalability.

Comprehensive Tools and Features

Easy to use powerful and extensive tools are available for marketplace vendors.

Add-ons for your Marketplace

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To support the local commerce industry in the country by connecting the local vendors with their consumers through an innovative and streamlined digital platform that is accessible and convenient for both the buyers and sellers. ​



To become Bhutan’s first and most credible multivendor E-Commerce market platform that revolutionises and stablises the commerce industry in the country by making buying and selling easier and better for everyone.


  1. Streamlined platform for easy access and usability for consumers
    Unlike other existing e-commerce business models in the country, will streamline the platform for the consumers so that they have easy and convenient access to a diverse variety of goods from not only one specific vendor but many vendors in the city all at once.
  2. No hassle for vendors to manage and maintain technical work
    The platform will be managed and maintained by the professionals and experts at Zealous Systems so that the vendors can simply focus on doing their business and increasing their revenue without the hassle of having to work on the technical component of the platform.
  3. Reliant and efficient communication channel to boost customer retention aspires to enhance customer service of local merchants, boost and better their customer retention and increase their sales while putting equal efforts into ensuring increased customer satisfaction when consumers deal with retailers, refining the interaction process when retailers communicate with consumers and streamlining the problem resolution order effectively.
Useful End Features for Seller/Vendors
  • An interactive vendor dashboard in a separate vendor panel.
  • Allow sellers to add/update/delete products from their dashboard
  • Separate Seller Profile where seller can add company logo and seller collection Page for the company’s banner.
  • Using a dashboard seller can track their income, latest order, comment and reviews, recent orders, recent comments with the total sales matrix.
  • Sellers can add social media icons on their profile page
  • The module uses Ajax checks for vendor/seller shop URLs.
  • The marketplace sells page (in case of layout 2 and layout 3) works as seller central where a seller can separately create his account.
  • The module provides a captcha security feature so that the customer can contact sellers. customer can give their reviews.
  • Display total Payout and remaining amount of seller’s in seller’s dashboard
  • Sellers can view notifications for product approval, new orders, & new transactions.
  • Tax information for the seller profile page can be given.
  • Allow seller to add Carrier and Tracking numbers for orders.
  • Display sales reports by using charts, sales by location, sales stats, and filter the reports by year, month, week, and day in the seller dashboard.
  • Seller’s order can be filtered by order id, date, and status on the seller’s order history page
Attractive End Features for Customer
  • Varity of products options available for customers to do shopping from.
  • Customers can search seller by seller shop name on the seller list page
  • The customers can also view the rating of the seller.
  • All the details about the product given by the seller visible for the customers
  • Customers can compare the price of the products of different sellers.
  • Seller profile pages, ratings and reviews would be visbilt for the customers.
  • Option to order and check out at once having multiple sellers’ products in the cart.
  • Customers can report flags against sellers and products.

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