Business Intelligence


Data Analytics as a Service for SAP Customers

As a service to SAP customers, Zealous offers end-to-end Data Analytics so that you can focus on the core business while our team of experts will manage the Delivery, Devops, Maintenance and Enhancement of the customer’s data products and solutions.


Cloud Accelerators

Delivering seamless cloud transition framework so you can Reimagine, Redeploy, Retain or Retire your data solutions on the cloud easily. Cients can modernise your data platforms and save up to a year’s load of consulting time and cost.


Talent as a Service

Find the right talent for the cloud and data space of your company with the help of our Talent as a Service offering that has a non-committal month-on-month engagement model to help you become lean and scale up/down based on the requirements.

Why Us

  • Efficient and Compatible Process
  • High-End Technology
  • International Expertise and Credible
  • Agile and Mobilised Flexibility
  • Reliable and Strong Security
  • Reliable and Continuous Support

Our Offerings

DaaS for SAP
What’s included?
  • Custom solution deployed as per the customer’s requirements.
  • A Dedicated team of credible Data Engineers, Data Modelers, Business Analysts, Data Scientists and Project Manager.
  • Choice of cloud technologies.
Best fit?
  • Small to Medium Enterprises with lean IT teams
  • Departments of Large Enterprises
How is it priced?
  • Fixed Fee with Annual commitment
Cloud Accelerators
What’s included?
  • An opinionated framework deployed on the customer’s cloud of choice.
  • One end to end data pipeline showcase
  • Framework training and documentation
Best fit?
  • Mature organisations who have decided on the tools and architecture.
  • Organisations that are in the first step of cloud adoption.
How is it priced?
  • One-time fee with a Fixed scope
Talent as a Service
What’s included?
  • A team of Data Engineers, Data Modellers, Business Analysts, Data Scientists and Project Manager for you to select from.
  • Scale up and down as necessary.
  • No upfront commitment.
Best fit?
  • Large and mature organisations who have a framework in place and just looking for talent.
How is it priced?
  • Monthly fee based on resources deployed

Daas Engagement Model

  • Fixed Fee based on Annual Commitment (To be paid out quarterly, half yearly or annually depending on the size of the deal)
  • Solution can be deployed on:
    • Google Cloud Platform – Leveraging Big Query
    • Microsoft Azure – Leveraging Synapse
    • Snowflake on AWS / Azure / GCP

Daas for SAP Offerings

Readiness Assessment
DaaS Annual Commitment
Understand the current data landscape Identify the challenges and use cases. Understand the target tooling, landscape, compliance and data security requirements.
Demonstrate the complete solution with the recommended architecture, approach and tooling for one use case with actual data.
Define and align on the engagement model for Annual contract and agree on SLAs for DaaS offering.
Recommended approach along with target architecture, tooling, timelines, implementation phases along with RACI and other dependencies. Budgetary proposal.
A complete solution along with framework, data pipelines, ELT scripts, Dashboard / Reports, User provisioning and Security rules for 1 use case.
Continuous delivery, enhancements,devops and maintenance of the landscape with pre-defined SLAs
~ 2 Weeks
~ 12 Weeks
Annual contract renewed every year

Cloud Accelerator Engagement Model

  • Fixed Fee based
  • Solution can be deployed on:
    • Google Cloud Platform – Leveraging Big Query / Airflow / DBT
    • Microsoft Azure – Leveraging Synapse / Airflow / DBT
    • Snowflake on AWS / Azure / GCP using Airflow / DBT

Cloud Accelerator - Offerings

Cloud Accelerator
A fully functional framework (data lake + ELT + data warehouse) installed on the customer’s cloud account.
1. A fully functional data platform on cloud which include data pipelines, orchestration, transformations along with the required metadata and devops management layer. 2. Training and documentation.
~ 6 Weeks

Talent as a Service Engagement Model

  • Fixed monthly fee based on resource level
  • Resource levels available:
    • Level 1 – Upto 3 years
    • Level 2 – 4 to 6 years / Certified resource in the required technology
    • Level 3 – > 6 years
  • Resources can be chosen with or without project manager.

Talent as a Service Offerings

Level 1
Level 2
Level 3
Data Engineer
USD 20 per hour
USD 30 per hour
USD 40 per hour
Data Modeler
USD 35 per hour
USD 50 per hour
Data Analyst
USD 20 per hour
USD 30 per hour
USD 40 per hour
Data Scientist
USD 40 per hour
USD 60 per hour
Devops consultant
USD 20 per hour
USD 30 per hour
USD 40 per hour
Project Manager
Project Manager billed at 25% of the overall cost for managing the resources.