IT Consultation and Support

Services We Provide

Specialized in implementing digital transformation for enterprises.

We help customers of all sizes, across all industries, and in countries worldwide take advantage of innovative solutions to transform and simplify their business. We build, extend, customize, and enrich our technology platforms to deliver innovative and tailored solutions that meet the exacting needs of customers all over the world.


Consulting & Support

Implementation of the latest technology trends will add significant value to business and make it appear more competitive, relevant and sustainable.

Zealous Systems is an experienced IT consulting company that can analyse your current infrastructure, identify opportunities where you can enhance your business through technology, create a strategy for future requirements, and also execute it successfully.


IT Infrastructure Development & Optimization

Committed to helping our customers enhance their existing IT infrastructures and systems through premium quality service delivery, guaranteed security and versatile optimization.


IT Consultants

Connecting you with the right and experienced IT consultants to support the management, implementation, deployment and administration of your IT software and systems.


IT Project

Providing support and resources for one-time IT projects that have gaps to fill in resources. We partner with clients and develop affordable, sustainable plans that work for everyone.



Offering you the option to outsource every aspect of your IT work. We assist you in achieving business goals through our knowledge, experience & team of dedicated professionals.

Design & Build

As we provide our clients with a host of world renowned products and services, we also design and build IT products, customise our infrastructure services, to cater to their convenience as we always put the needs of our clients first.


Design Plans

Creating facilities to meet business needs and support operations to drive ROI through a well-planned and strategic design.



Connecting you directly with our team of IT experts for smooth communication that helps you clarify your queries easily.


Innovative &
Sustainable Solutions

Providing the best team, material, design and work to provide you with the most innovative and value worthy output.

internet learning

On Time

Prioritising the successful and rapid delivery of your project through strong team work, efficient allocation of time.


Managed Services

Are you looking to improve your business’ services and invest time in meaningful tasks that bring value-addition to your company? 

Zealous Systems offers managed Services to end users & organisations on a proactive basis for managing servers, specialised applications & enterprise/office network. Our managed services ensure that your business is running smoothly & efficiently with the latest in IT requirements at minimal cost thereby maximising ROI.

24/7/365 Monitoring

Guarantees round-the-clock system monitoring and availability with efficient backup and recovery plan.

Cost Effective

Fixed monthly/yearly costs which cover all kinds of repairs & service costs on a contractual basis.

Network Management

Comprehensive solution designed to create and maintain data networks WAN/LAN/WLAN.

Server Management

Comprehensive administration support for the base operating system on your business servers.

100% Uptime

Cloud Ready