Bhutan Power Corporation


Uniting and Increasing the Efficiency of Technology and Business Processes with SAP Business Objects

Bhutan Power Corporation Limited (BPC) was formed as an offshoot of the erstwhile Department of Power, the then Ministry of Trade and Industry and was launched as Public Utility Company on 1st July 2002 with an objective that the corporatization of the utility functions would lead to greater efficiency and better delivery of electricity supply services in the power sector.


Later, the Ownership was transferred to Druk Holding and Investment Limited (DHI), the commercial arm of the Royal Government of Bhutan, established in 2007 upon issuance of Royal Charter in 2007 “to hold and manage the existing and future investments of the Royal Government for the longterm benefit of the people of Bhutan”.


Launched as a public utility on July 1 2002, Bhutan Power Corporation Limited with their mandate, distributes electricity throughout the Country and also provides transmission access for generating stations for domestic supply as well as export. It is also the largest corporation in the country with a human resource size equal to almost 9% of the total Civil Services strength.


In 2021, BPC referred to Zealous Systems Pvt Ltd to implement SAP Business Objects in their operations. For a period of 6 months, the project focused on providing quality SAP products to the ever-changing demands of the corporate structure. Within no time, the team was able to utilise their technical and business expertise to adjust and ensure that the administrative, reporting dashboard and system management was functional and updated.

Products and Services:

Delivery of electricity supply services in the power sector.


Bhutan Power Corporation

Estd Date



100+ Nos


Public Utility Company


Thimphu, Bhutan (Headquarters)

  • Simplify and Standardise business process and data management
  • Optimise the resources already existing
  • Limit the risk of error due to an old system
Why SAP Business Objects
  • On-premise deployment
  • Real-time business intelligence
  • Increase user autonomy
Value-Driven Results After
  • Simple, transparent reports
  • Complete, intuitive and reliable solution
  • Reduced administrative and operational costs