SAP Business Technology Platform

SAP Business Technology Platform (SAP BTP) is an innovation platform optimized for SAP applications in the cloud. SAP BTP brings together application development, data and analytics, integration, automation, and AI capabilities in one unified environment. Create personalized experiences across business processes, build applications, analytics, and integrations faster, and run mission-critical innovation with confidence on major cloud providers, infrastructure fully managed by SAP.

Create Personalized Experiences That Work with SAP Applications:

SAP BTP comes with comprehensive capabilities for application development, AI, integration, and data and analytics with native integration to SAP applications and connectivity to other apps and data sources. With SAP BTP, your innovations can deliver consistent, connected experiences along business processes and real-time, complete views of data no matter where it resides. Plus, you can enrich user interactions with embedded artificial intelligence and automations that help your users become more engaged and productive.
Build Faster with Business Context to Meet Change with Agility:

With SAP BTP, you can jump-start new projects by relying on proven best practices and gain a full understanding of SAP data semantics so that you can minimize data preparation. You can also leverage a broad set of prebuilt data models, integrations, workflows, content-rich APIs, and AI business services across many application areas, purposely designed for your line of business (LOB) and industry. These business assets are created and maintained by SAP and ecosystem partners, helping ensure that your innovations work today and with new software releases to increase your innovation agility and efficiency.

Run with Confidence on a Trusted, Enterprise-Grade Platform:

SAP BTP allows you to innovate in the cloud without interfering with your core applications, helping you standardize your SAP software landscape. You gain the right environment to move existing customizations to the cloud and develop new ones, simplifying maintenance and improving the reliability of your SAP applications. You can trust SAP to meet stringent enterprise-class service-level agreements, deliver application resiliency, and simplify compliance with privacy regulations while using your preferred cloud service provider – including Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud Platform, and Alibaba Cloud.

Unlock Your Business Potential:

The pace of innovation increases because more people can contribute to it. Plus, you can take advantage of proven cloud application best practices to unlock the value of SAP data and accelerate outcomes without compromising security and compliance. You can also gain the flexibility to run confidently on leading public clouds with SAP managing your installations for reliability and peace of mind.

SAP Build Portfolio

Rapidly changing market conditions offer exciting opportunities for companies to meet new customer needs. However, to succeed, you must move fast to adapt and innovate your processes. Low-code and no-code capabilities that are part of the SAP Build portfolio help developers of many skill levels create enterprise apps and automations quickly to meet evolving business requirements

Discover Development Tools for Many Skill Levels in One Place

Based on SAP Business Technology Platform, our low-code and no-code solutions offer rich repositories of business-specific content to accelerate application development. With thousands of ready-to-go components, formula functions, business services, bots, APIs, and open connectors, you can reduce time spent on time-consuming coding and cut development time.

Unlock Your Capacity to Innovate and Reduce the Cost of Development

With low-code and no-code solutions from SAP, you can confidently deliver high-quality, enterprise-ready applications using best practice–based content and robust governance features. In addition, straightforward integration of applications with other SAP solutions helps keep your IT landscape str

Help IT Professionals Deliver Enterprise Applications at Speed

SAP Business Application Studio helps scale the productivity of developers who are already familiar with using SAP technology such as SAP Cloud Application Programming Model, SAPUI5, and SAP Fiori apps. Enabling the rapid assembly of user experience components, business logic, and data services, the tool offers low-code capabilities that help accelerate the development process. These include visual modelling of data, UIs, and workflows. Professional developers can access advanced workflow capabilities to build more complex process flows, forms, or process visibility dashboards and make these available for consumption by citizen developers through the SAP Build Process Automation solution. In addition, SAP Business Application Studio provides access to a marketplace and library with a range of ready-to-use content, such as prebuilt apps and business services, to help accelerate your development.

SAP Integration Suite

With SAP Integration Suite, you can integrate solutions inside and outside your data centre. You can accelerate connectivity with prebuilt integration flows, connectors to hundreds of systems, thousands of APIs, and other capabilities that simplify integrations with SAP and third-party applications. As shown in the below figure, connecting people in real time becomes a reality with event driven architectures and intelligent technology that helps you automate comprehensive business processes to gain efficiency and visibility.
Comprehensive Integration Capabilities in One Solution

SAP Integration Suite is an integration platform as a service (IPaaS). With this single solution, you can connect applications from SAP and third parties, whether they run on premises or across clouds. You can use a combination of integration modes to address specific use cases and run your integrations on major public clouds for greater flexibility.

Rapid Time to Value with Accelerated Connectivity

SAP Integration Suite offers over 3,200 ready-to go integrations and connectors for both SAP and third-party solutions. Built and maintained by SAP and the ecosystem of partners, these prebuilt integrations accelerate connectivity and deliver superior time to value.

Integrating Applications Efficiently and at Scale

Whether you are adopting new business models, looking to provide customers with an omnichannel experience, or seeking greater efficiency overall, solving your most pressing business problems begins with addressing your integration challenges. SAP Integration Suite provides a modern, comprehensive approach to integration with capabilities that can save your organization both time and money from faster implementations and a lower total


Data is the heart of the intelligent enterprise – and data volumes and diversity increase daily. A cloud-native database solution, SAP HANA Cloud was built for flexible and efficient data and analytics management. Such advanced technologies as embedded machine learning and integrated data tiering support enhanced services, scalability, and security that foster intelligent data applications and trusted performance at an optimal cost-performance ratio.

SAP HANA Cloud is a database-as-a-service (DBaaS) that delivers a single view of your entire data landscape. It is an all-in-one solution that underpins modern applications and analytics sturdily and cost-effectively. As the cloud-based data foundation for SAP Business Technology Platform, it orchestrates mission-critical applications and analytics across all enterprise data in one complete solution. SAP HANA Cloud seamlessly blends smart multi-model data to power intelligent data applications. Integrated multitier storage helps you manage data more efficiently and lower your total cost of operations (TCO). And SAP HANA Cloud federates data from your full landscape, including your on-premise and cloud applications and third-party sources. While protecting data with a holistic security framework that includes data anonymization, SAP HANA Cloud provides top-notch analytics performance for all your enterprise data, no matter where it resides.

Run intelligent data applications and analytics on petabytes of data

SAP HANA Cloud brings you up-to-the-minute services for building and running modern, high performance transactional applications founded on a modern cloud-native architecture. Developing intelligent data applications with embedded machine-learning capabilities becomes quick work in SAP HANA Cloud. The solution converges your relational, graph, spatial, and JSON document store data into a single powerful system. You can apply enterprise search, machine learning, and predictive analytics techniques to any data from anywhere in your ecosystem. You gain situational awareness by analysing diverse data in context. And when you capitalize on the high level of scalability in a DBaaS solution, your new applications can support real-time analytics at petabyte scale.

Trust tiered storage and smart multi-model processing for security

Taking advantage of the multiple tiers of storage in SAP HANA Cloud let you keep immediately at hand the data you need frequently, while housing data you need only occasionally in less expensive storage. Whatever the current state of your landscape, multi tiering lets you align data storage choices with business priorities – flexibly and securely, at minimum cost for maximum performance. Multi tiering and smart multi-model processing together simplify data management exponentially, leaving data and analytics experts more time to think strategically in the service of long-term corporate goals.

Innovate flexibly and securely at optimized cost

As a cloud-native DBaaS, SAP HANA Cloud makes provisioning new instances simple, so you can control costs by activating and deactivating new instances on demand. And you can avoid deploying extra databases to handle expanding data volumes.With a holistic security framework, SAP HANA Cloud also lets you capitalize on the value of all your enterprise data without violating data safety and privacy. You can draw insights from anonymized data while protecting your organization’s reputation through compliance with internal and external regulatory requirements.

SAP Analytics Cloud

Analytics exists to provide information to support business decisions. SAP Analytics Cloud delivers insights on accumulated history, the present situation, and forward-facing trends to all decision-makers, revealing the next steps toward adding optimal business value. The solution combines our business intelligence (BI) system – one of the strongest available today – with enterprise planning. Best of all, you gain the power of artificial intelligence, machine learning technology, and predictive analytics.
Start with top-rated BI functionality

Move from data to intelligence across all lines of business on one platform providing a single user experience. SAP Analytics Cloud gives business users at all levels comprehensive, self-service analytics that adheres to the industry’s leading visual design standards while delivering superior value from Big Data.

Improve business outcomes with complete analytics

Twenty-first-century analytics must encompass everything from financial reporting, through performance management, to enterprise planning. SAP Analytics Cloud provides end-to end data management tools and analytics to support smart data access, preparation, and quality governance while aligning processes on standard business logic and semantics and supporting predictive modelling. The solution also scales to your changing business needs in running on the enterprise-grade, Big Data–ready SAP Cloud Platform.

Enjoy smart capabilities designed for business people

Built-in machine learning algorithms automatically guide data discovery and help detect previously hidden influencers and patterns. You can explore formerly invisible drivers of key performance indicators and examine trade-offs among them. And the latest predictive tools empower you to forecast potential outcomes with the push of a button.

Get it all in one solution

SAP Analytics Cloud provides analytics for all users. Everything your intelligent enterprise needs for reporting, predicting, and planning is at hand – in one high-performance, in-memory system and a single user experience.